Co-Creation Group

The FCA’s Co-Creation group highlights and connects fundamental issues to ensure computing technologies are designed and built to create a better society.


The excitement around computing technology in all aspects of life requires that we tackle fundamental issues of healthcare, leisure, labor, education, and food to create the society we want. The goal of the Co-Creation group is to highlight and connect such fundamental issues with research in computing, to ensure technologies are designed and built to produce a better society.

We encourage a co-creation approach that inspires conjoined creative and critical thinking utilizing various types of expertise in the wider public. In the inaugural edition of the Co-Creation group we explore two fundamental issues, such as the transformative role of technology in healthcare and the emerging relevance of technology for food, but the scope of the group is not limited to these issues.

The broader impact of the Co-Creation group is a better understanding of how we can utilize a co-creation approach for shaping the future of computing and society. Co-creation is bringing computing research into conversation with its surroundings to enhance the shared creativity and energy and produce an equally valued outcome.

The ACM-FCA webpage is updated regularly to communicate and inspire computational researchers interested in applying co-creation in their research to connect fundamental issues across computing and society to produce a technological desirable future.

Co-Creation Activities

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  • The emerging relevance of technology for food

The transformation of food through computing technology is addressed in relation to challenges concerning “how can technology be designed to enhance local food production and avoid food waste”, and “how does technology transform the way we think about food and food experiences”? Also, “what role does food play outside kitchens, restaurants and within CS laboratories”?

Workshop: Future of Computing and Food, May 31, 2018, Grosseto, Italy
An expert chef, data scientists, and researchers are invited to explore the future across computing and food. Here it is considered how the co-creation of a manifesto may accommodate and shape future computing research.




  • The transformative role of technology in healthcare 

The challenges that are addressed in relation to healthcare concern, for example, “what are the kinds of technology we should aim for modern healthcare?”, and “how is technology transforming the ways in which healthcare is effectively provided”? Also, “what will become a role of healthcare professionals as we see a push for self-care”?

Workshop: Next Generation of Electronic Health Records, March 21, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
On this event, researchers, hospital practitioners and industry partners gathered in Copenhagen to discuss and shape the data-driven future of healthcare.




Co-Creation Group Ambassadors

Group Members

Naja L. Holten Møller

Marianna Obrist

Sunyoung Park

Julia Haines

Jason Ernst