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FCA Areas of Interest

ACM FCA activities currently cover seven different areas of interest, organized in working groups.


To highlight and connect fundamental issues to ensure computing technologies are designed and built to create a better society.

Education and Outreach

To focus on educational outreach for the youth through demystifying computer science and breaking stereotypes of computer scientists.

Equitable Computing and AI

To raise awareness of how AI could impact equality, to proactively facilitate conversation in this space, to research the challenges that currently exist or may develop; and to be thought-leaders on solutions and the standards that practitioners should uphold.

Fostering the Future of Computing

To support CS researchers and practitioners from diverse backgrounds in the early stages of their career.

Future of Publishing

To focus on creating an archive of computer science research for the future that supports reproducibility, open data, rigor in reviewing, and open access.

Future of Work

To understand and address the effects of technology on the workforce from the perspective of the computing community.


To accelerate interdisciplinary CS research through ameliorating challenges and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across the boundaries of disciplines both into and out of computer science.

Our Blog

Posts consist of event reports, interviews, opinions, ... that aim at spurring discussion. They do not consist of final, formal recommendations or statement.

Intro slide presented at the ACM FCA 2018 Annual Meeting

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Future of Computing & Food Manifesto

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