FCA: The Next Generation

Our perfect ‘square’ of 36 new additions!

We are so very proud to announce that the FCA no longer consists of inaugural members alone. We now include 36 new additions, selected from hundreds of applicants, and residing in many more different corners of the world than before. We could not be more thrilled! Join us in saying hello to this new future of computing, whose names are listed below and photos are shown in the grid above. We’ll all be meeting in person for the first time in December in New York, so a group photo will have to wait!

Leila Bahri, Scania CV AB & Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Sofia Bourhim, ENSIAS-Mohammed V University, Morocco
Emily Elizabeth Brown, Disney, USA
Bharathi Raja Asoka Chakravarthi, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Ireland
Juan Miguel de Joya, International Telecommunication Union, Switzerland
Juliana Baptista dos Santos França, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), Brazil
Pamela Gonzales, Bolivia Tech Hub, Bolivia
Noopur Gupta, IBM Software Labs, India
Jessica Hair, SmartFile, USA
Adri Jovin John Joseph, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, India
Salomon Kabongo Kabenamualu, African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, African Master’s in Machine Intelligence, Congo Republic
Felix Kerger, King, Spain
Harsh Ajit Khajgiwale, Druva Data Solutions, India
Cheng Li, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Joseph Galen Lindley, Lancaster University, UK
Akhil Mathur, Nokia Bell Labs and University College London, UK
Claudia Ximena Mazo, University College Dublin, Ireland
Yusuf Umaru Mshelia, Data Colab Ltd, Nigeria
Abiodun Muyideen Mustapha, LEAD Resources, Nigeria
Tempestt Ja’Nice Neal, University of South Florida, USA
Darshit Patel, LogiNext Solutions, India
Ella Peltonen, University of Oulu, Finland
Kester Quist-Aphetsi, CRITAC, Ghana technology University College, Ghana
Ridhi, Expedia, India
Daniel Russo, Aalborg University, Denmark
Dilini Samarasinghe, University of New South Wales, Australia
Jaelle Scheuerman, Tulane University, USA
Xiaokui Shu, IBM Research, USA
Gürkan Solmaz, NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany
Jesmin Jahan Tithi, Intel, USA
Aishwarya Tripathi, Dell Technologies, India
Kashyap Ravi Tumkur, Verily Life Sciences, USA
Grace Ibukunoluwa Ufeoshi, Viisaus Technology Ltd, Nigeria
Harshil Ketan Vora, Dell Technologies, India
William Wang, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Amy Xian Zhang, Stanford University, USA

The FCA represents a dynamic global community of exceptional individuals with a vision and passion for driving positive change in the world of and via computing. Certainly all of the above members are accomplished computing professionals, but their commitment to social impact is explicit and inspirational as well. For example, Juliana (from Brazil) and Noopur (from India) are both motivated to foster greater participation of girls in STEM. Adri (from India) and Felix (from Spain) are both driven towards making computer science education more accessible in under-resourced contexts across the world. With AI being so popular an area of study in today’s age, many new members would like to focus on making AI more responsible and equitable, such as Akhil (from UK) and Juan Miguel (from Switzerland). Of course, this is just to mention a few, amid many more fantastic recruits! The world is their oyster, and we cannot wait to see the great things they will accomplish — within the FCA and beyond!

If you’d like to learn more about these new members, we’re introducing them, one at a time, on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Do join us in welcoming them all into the ACM FCA!

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