Announcing Our Second-Ever Recruiting Cycle!

The ACM Future of Computing Academy is proud to announce a new recruiting cycle.

Are you early in your computing career, with a passion for improving the field? Are you excited about the joy, sacrifice, and professional benefits of becoming a leader in the computing community? If so, you should apply to join the ACM Future of Computing Academy (FCA) — a new initiative where the next generation of researchers, practitioners, educators, and entrepreneurs can develop a strong and influential collective voice to help shape the future of ACM and the computing community.

ACM has given the FCA the “privilege and responsibility to become the voice of the future of the computing field at large and of ACM specifically” and the FCA has developed a mission to“substantially improve (1) computing, (2) the computing community, and (3) computing’s relationship with society.” As part of this mission, we are engaging in a wide range of initiatives; our role can be seen as an “initiative incubator” for ACM. Initiatives include mitigating the negative societal impact of computing advances through foundational changes to peer review and software licensing, helping the computing field adjust to a world in which computing is done across diverse interdisciplinary contexts, participating in important ACM committees and boards, developing transformational research agendas, and many other efforts that will shape the future of computing. As part of these initiatives, we have created podcasts, written public statements, organized summits, developed research manifestos, created a new CrashCourse on AI (to be released August 2019), and much more.

Inductees from this second recruitment cycle will be essential to establishing the academy’s long-term trajectory. New members will be invited to contribute to existing initiatives and/or to create new initiatives in keeping with the ACM FCA’s mission. If you have been discussing a change you want to make within computing, the FCA can provide you with the support structure you need to catalyze discussion into action!

The deadline for this recruiting cycle will be August 23, 2019. Apply now! or discover the eligibility criteria and FAQ.

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