Workshop "Who Cares? Exploring the Concept of Care Networks for Designing Healthcare Technologies" at the 2019 European Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work

Workshop held in conjunction with ECSCW 2019 on June 8th in Salzburg, Austria

The goal of this one-day workshop is to explore the concept of care networks in CSCW and to devise a plan for future research on healthcare technologies and systems. We will discuss collaborative care situations that are better understood by exploring various aspects of care networks. Our approach will be based on co-creation, bringing diverse perspectives together to speak about the various potentials as well as consequences of technologies that support care networks.

The background for this workshop is the reduced discussion on collaborative care arrangements. Even though dealing with a chronic condition often involves daunting tasks and the participation of a collective in care, previous work has mostly examined collaborations as the work of dyads, such as patients and clinicians. In this workshop, we will explore the concept of care networks, which can better account for the numerous human and non-human actors and roles that compose care. We invite designers, researchers, and practitioners to participate in a full-day workshop in which we will reflect on empirical studies and theoretical accounts of care networks, and put forward an agenda for better acknowledging care networks in the research around healthcare technologies and systems.

More information on the workshop website!


Sun Young Park, University of Michigan
Francisco Nunes, Fraunhofer Portugal
Andrew Berry, University of Washington
Ayşe Büyüktür, University of Michigan
Luigi De Russis, Politecnico di Torino
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research
Woosuk Seo, University of Michigan

George Netscher, SafelyYou