CHI 2018 "Un-Panel" on "Intersectionality as a Lens to Promote Equity and Inclusivity within SIGCHI"

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FCA’s Fostering the Future of Computing working group will be hosting an “un-panel” at CHI 2018 in Montreal, Canada on April 25th, 2018 from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT.

Important Updates:

Let’s get “Un-paneled!” Due to feedback from the SIGCHI community, we are making some changes to our format to emphasize that our goal was never to form a panel of experts to show how inclusive and diverse the SIGCHI community already is. Instead, our goal is to put leaders, who acknowledge that they are in the privileged position to advocate for change, in the front of the room to listen to you.

To reflect this spirit more clearly, Cliff Lampe has graciously stepped down as moderator and panelist and will support our efforts by managing the interactive technology (e.g., Sli.do) and amplifying the voices of those who choose to share through those channels. ACM Future Computing Academy members, Pamela Wisniewski and Neha Kumar, who are uniquely intersectional junior faculty, will share the role of moderating the session.

  • For social media posts, please use the hash tag #SIGCHI4ALL.
  • If you cannot attend or would like to provide your feedback to the un-panelists prior to the un-panel, please do so via our ILIWWI feedback form.
  • Remote attendance is possible through SIGCHI. Unfortunately, registration fees will apply.
  • Due to ACM SIGCHI policies, we will not be able to live stream the un-panel or record it for later viewing. Volunteers will take notes and live Tweet the session via social media.
  • During the un-panel, we will use Sli.do to collect anonymous feedback. Go ahead and set up your Sli.do account now!

“Un-Paneled” Goals:

We wish to create a forum for recognizing best practices regarding equity and inclusivity in participants’ local and global contexts that we might feasibly integrate across SIGCHI. By equally prioritizing the voices of those in the audience and on the un-panel, we intend to foster a lively and constructive discussion that will help us chart a way forward. We invite participation from our audience regarding best practices in other local/global research communities that might strengthen our own, identifying concrete steps towards a more diverse and inclusive community. The takeaways from this panel will be articulated into an article for the Interactions magazine, targeting the larger human-computer interaction (HCI) community. To find out more details about the spirit in which the panel was originally co-created, please read the full panel proposal in its entirety.

Creating a Safe and Engaging Space:
Our un-panel aims to break away from the traditional discourse we engage in as academics, which encourages debate around the validity and merit of certain ideas, to serve as a safe space towards improving awareness on a diverse set of intersections that are present within the SIGCHI community. We will have green note cards that attendees can hold up to “+1” and amplify one another’s voices to show support. We will also allow for anonymous feedback to be given with regards to the ongoing discussion using an online channel (e.g. Slido). To ensure inclusivity and mutual respect, we will encourage audience members to use the “I like ___, I wish ___, what if ___” (ILIWWI) format to introduce new perspectives and engage with the panelists.

“Un-Paneled” Participation: The panel will be compromised of our “un-panelists,” ACM FCA members, and most importantly, the audience. We selected our un-panelists to provide some representation across gender (one identifies as a man and three as women), nationality (North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa), and professional backgrounds (academia, industry, and practice). All have been proponents of equity and inclusivity within/beyond SIGCHI.


Susan Dray
Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Michael Muller
Anicia Peters

  • Susan M. Dray, Dray & Associates, Inc. (USA). Susan is an ACM Fellow as of 2017, who has also been a recipient of the SIGCHI and UXPA Lifetime Achievement Awards, and was one of the founders of SIGCHI. We draw on her vast contributions towards making SIGCHI diverse in terms of both gender and ethnicity.
  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Tu Wien (Austria). Geraldine is a professor at TU Wien, with experience working in different countries, and in industry and academia. She is active in facilitating early career development workshops, as well as coaching/mentoring academics, and hosting the “Changing Academic Life” podcast series. She will also be the general co-chair for CHI 2019.
  • Michael Muller, IBM Research AI (USA). One of Michael’s research focuses has been the inclusion of diverse voices and constituencies in the design of technologies and work practices. He is Diversity co-chair on the GROUP Conference Steering Committee.
  • Anicia N. Peters, Namibia University of Science & Tech (Namibia). Anicia is a member of one of Namibia’s indigenous ethnic groups. She is the Dean of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. She co-chaired the first AfriCHI conference in 2016 and will serve as the Diversity and Inclusion co-chair for CHI 2019.

Moderators and Facilitator

Pamela Wisniewski
Neha Kumar
Cliff Lampe

  • Pamela Wisniewski (Moderator), University of Central Florida (USA).
  • Neha Kumar (Moderator), Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Cliff Lampe (Tech Guy), University of Michigan (USA).

Additional co-organizers from FCA’s Fostering the Future of Computing, who were unable to attend:

  • Christine Bassem, Wellesley College
  • Sarah Clinch, University of Manchester