Empowering the Next Generation of Computing

The ACM Future of Computing Academy (ACM FCA) was instituted in 2017 to engage and empower the next generation of computing professionals.

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Who We Are

The ACM Future of Computing Academy is a platform that enables the next generation of researchers, practitioners, educators, and entrepreneurs to develop a strong and influential voice towards addressing challenging issues facing the computing discipline, and the world at large. The ACM ­FCA aspires to harness collective action to define and launch new ACM initiatives that will carry the world of computing into the future.


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Latest News

FCA: The Next Generation

Our perfect ‘square’ of 36 new additions! We are so very proud to announce that the FCA no longer consists of inaugural members alone. We now include 36 new additions, selected from hundreds of applicants, and residing in many more different corners…

CrashCourse Artificial Intelligence Preview

Several FCA members, including Lana Yarosh, Tim Weninger, and Yonatan Bisk are the writers of a Crash Course on Artificial Intelligence. Crash Course Artificial Intelligence will start next week and it will be a 15-episode, 5-lab series. Here’s the…

Joining the FCA

The ACM Future of Computing Academy (FCA) is in its second recruitment cycle, culminating on August 23rd. Having heard many questions around why one should apply — not to mention request recommenders’ precious time for endorsing these applications,…